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17 Hedgehog Faces Will Put a Smile on Your Face

The Japanese owner of “Marutaro The Hedgehog” has been posting pictures of Marutaro with little cut-out faces on Twitter.

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Behind Glass

This series of photographs of primates living in captivity named ‘Behind Glass’ is by Atlanta-based photographer Anne Berry. From South Africa to Belgium she traveled the world to capture photos of apes and monkeys living in small zoos, in hopes of truly reflecting and capturing life on the other side of the glass/barrier.
Most of the captive primates in Anne’s photographs look quite sad, but she insists her work is not to advocate against zoos. “I think zoos are doing a better and better job of keeping animals and replicating habitats that don’t exist in the wild anymore,” Berry said. “It’s not the best that you’d like, but it’s keeping species alive.”

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Realistic Wildlife Paintings


Inspired by the beauty of nature talanted award-winning artist Collin Bogle uses pastels, colored-pencil, watercolor and acrylic, all that’s needed to create stunning realistic and almost photographic paintings, which brought him well-deserved popularity and prestige. His collection contains beautiful nature, wildlife, animal and flower paintings. The artist exhibited in art shows through the United States […]

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13 Adorable Animals That Stole Our Hearts in 2013


While some artists and photographers are inspired by their children, others look to more furry friends for that creative kick. Today, we take a look at thirteen people who introduced us to some highly adorable animals this year. From a rare half-donkey half-zebra to a globe-trotting dog, this group all made us appreciate the many […]

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Waiting for Santa


While some animals hibernate in the winter and prefer to sun themselves during the warmer months, other  animals have their own personal fur coat to keep them warm. Outside they can napping in the snow, waiting for Santa to arrive.

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Cute Friendship Between Japanese Woman & Her Border Collie

Japanese woman- border collie-29

When Japanese-born Aki Yamaguchi was going through a rough period in her life, someone told her to focus on what made her happy. So she began taking pictures – photography had been a passion for years – of her dog, a border collie called Jazzy. Jazzy, a former search-and-rescue dog, has been there for Yamaguchi […]

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Unique Portraits of Humans and Animals through the Principle of the Overlay


“Totem” is a photographic series produced by Flora-Ael Surun , a graduate of the School of Photography EFET (Paris) and member of the collective Fuzzy Trend . In this ongoing series, it combines self-portraits and portraits of animals through the principle of the overlay. Inspired by the shamanic experience, she seeks to represent the animal […]

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26 Animals Look like Doing Yoga


Did you ever wonder why so many yoga poses are named after animals?  Just by looking at some poses, and observing animals, the answer is obvious.  Take your dog, for example, watch him stretch first thing in the morning and you’ll see upward facing dog and downward facing dog.  But there’s more to it than […]

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4 Life-Changing Photos Of Two Baby Red Pandas


The Birmingham Zoo in Alabama is now home to the first Red Panda cubs born in the US this year. Born May 30, the two cubs currently are off-exhibit with mom. This is the first litter for the mother. This was a significant birth as Red Pandas are a threatened species with fewer than 2,500 […]

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22 Amazing Photos of Animals Sticking their Tongues Out


It’s one of the first gestures we learn as children, to stick out your tongue (and then perhaps even blow to make a satisfying “PLLLLBBBBBT” sound) and it turns out as cheeky gestures go, it’s pretty much universal. Not only do people all over the world happily stick their tongues out at each other, but […]

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